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Marvel The Avengers Concept Series Captain America Triple Blast Shield

Marvel The Concept Series Captain America
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Marvel The Concept , a great Captain America toy manufactured by Avengers is a wonderful super hero toy doll. 98882 is the model number for this item. I actually loved that it has the feature of triple blast shield looks just like the one carried by captain america. Additional features include things like 2 modes and shield comes with 10 missiles. The Captain America toy is 14.02"H x 2.64"L x 12.99"W. The magic formula for you to get good information about Captain America toys is to try and take a look at a large number of recommendations. You may read about the experience someone's boy or girl experienced when using the item. Make certain you consider the price tag on toys. If you want a good deal on this Captain America toy, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button.

Sometimes even Captain America needs an extra edge in battle. With 10 missiles, you can launch a mighty triple missile blast, just like the star-spangled Avengers hero! No enemy can stand up against a mighty triple missile blast from the Star Spangled Avenger! Feel just like your favorite patriotic hero, Captain America, when you carry this awesome Triple Blast Shield into battle! That's when he deploys the secret missile launcher built into his shield. The shield looks like Captain America's shield and when it's in stealth mode, that's all it looks like. But with a quick flip you can adjust the shield to attack mode – and reveal its secret missile launcher!


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