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Hero Clix: Stonewall # 8 (rookie) - Captain America

Hero Clix: Stonewall # 84 Star Rating
Hero Clix Stonewall 8
Impressive Hero Hero Clix: Stonewall

Hero Clix Stonewall 8 will probably be your kids most desirable brand-new hero toy doll. A listing of feature characteristics include this is a rookie item, part of the captain america set. and collector number 8. Should you need a good deal for this toy, check out our store link below.

hero clix stonewall rookie captain america


Product Info

Hero Clix: Stonewall # 8 (Rookie) - Captain America. Since debuting in 2002, Hero Clix has stood out among all the superhero action RPG games thanks to its ever expanding gallery of miniature figures that do double duty as game pieces and as tiny functions of art. In the past nine years over three thousand of them have been individually molded, decorated and bound by a typical set of rules.


  • Part of the Captain America set.
  • This is a Rookie item.
  • Collector number 8.
  • For use with the Hero Clix game.

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