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Captain America The First Avenger Comic Series Action Figure - Heroic Age Captain America

First Avenger Comic Series Action

Hasbro 1001119

Package Quantity: 1

I believe you will love that the toy has got this feature, captain america the first avenger movie 3 3/4 inch action figure from hasbro. Other features include for ages 4 and up and collect them all!. 0653569583813 is the EAN barcode also known as the International Article Number for this toy. It weighs close to 0.16 lbs. If you need a good deal for this Captain America toy, visit our store button below.

As portion of Marvel Legends Series 3, Bucky Barnes will come with one of the pieces to assemble the build-a-figure Brood Queen. Ultimately, however, when Captain America and Bucky fought against the crazed Nazi scientist Baron Zemo, Bucky was subsequently killed. Initially Bucky inadvertently discovered Captain Americas dual identity. Rather than behead Bucky with his shield to preserve his secret, Captain America decided to initiate Bucky as a sidekick. Bucky thenceforth fought at Captain Americas side, courageously beating Nazi lowlifes inside an inch of their jackboots. Ages 4 and up Ready for action, this Bucky figure is highly detailed and 1 particular of eight inside the Brood Queen Series. Add this articulated action figure to your collection. It was later decided, however, that Bucky, in fact a secret government operative, was claimed by the Russians and transformed in to the Winter Soldier. Figure comes with shield and weapons.


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